Native Grain Project - Wattleseed & Malt

Native Grain Project - Wattleseed & Malt


Native Grain Project Wattleseed & Malt

This release marks our first official look at a project we have termed “Native Grain Project”.

Aside from the production of World Class gin, we have been diligently working away at creating a unique Australian Whiskey. This project over its 2 1/2 years excites us greatly and for this preview release of Native Grain Spirit we have selected a single cask that has been mellowing away for some time in an ex-Cabernet Franc French oak barrel fromHoward Vineyard.

700mL | 46.2% Alc/Vol | Limited Run

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This experimentation began at the distillery’s inception and has produced some exciting spirit interpretations, combining traditional grain products and those more ‘Australian’ by nature.  Some have included wattleseed, kangaroo grass, palm nuts and saltbush seed just to name a few.

The mash for this malt consisted of a balance of barley malt and lightly roasted wattleseed hand selected from the outskirts of Darwin. This unique Australian Spirit was then fermented and distilled; the result amazes us displaying unique characteristics derived from the inclusion of the wattleseed in the mash bill. The wattleseed was added to the mash and the starch converted to fermentable sugar in the mash tun. The Whiskey therefore is distilled from fermented Native Australian wattleseed.

We have again teamed up with collaborator Professor Graham Jones for this project and utilised the copper still at Adelaide University. The resulting spirit was then aged in French oak barrels from Howard Vineyard.

Tasting Notes

We used wattleseed with a light roast to retain the fruity characters and toffee, caramel, nuts and chocolate. Wattleseed is present on the back palate and gives heaps of chocolate, nuts, toffee and roasty characters. 

On the nose you get marzipan, honey and beeswax with a nice spicy French oak.