Native Grain Whiskey (2019 Whiskey Release SOLD OUT)

Native Grain Whiskey (2019 Whiskey Release SOLD OUT)


The Scottish have Scotch Whisky; The Irish have Irish Whiskey and the Americans have Bourbon Whiskey to name but a few. Deep down the drive to make this iconic brown spirit in Australia has been a mission to re-create what has been done before.

Not anymore! Our fist ever Whiskey release is here. Every bottle and box hand numbered and signed by the head distiller, Sacha La Forgia.

A bold project to make a Whiskey of truly Australian heritage and character was started many years ago by Sacha La Forgia of Adelaide Hills Distillery. Sacha comments, “Early on I was driven not to replicate a whiskey perfected by another country, but to research and develop a whiskey that was totally reflective of Australia both in its modern form and tens of thousands of years of history.” This project kicked off challenging the normal with vast amounts of research and experimentation.

Wattleseed has been known as an Indigenous staple, grown across the grain belt through the middle of the country before colonial settlement. Over 100 different species of wattleseed exist, all which have slightly different flavours. Sacha has spent years sampling, selecting the right species and then investigated how to appropriately roast the grain to achieve ideal flavour characteristics

Now we have a Whiskey that truly reflects Australia’s present and past. The soon to be released Native Grain Whiskey has been years of experimenting with introducing Australian Native Produce into the mash. To date Sacha has experimented with wattleseed, kangaroo grass, spinifex and salt bush seed to name a few. The results are astounding and you can really taste the land from where it comes.

Australian Whiskey is a divergent path from Adelaide Hills Distillery’s production of the stabled 78 Degrees Gin range which was again awarded many coveted awards including Best International Contemporary Gin at the beginning of this year. However, Tobias Kline of the company comments, “we are driven to have a true Australian signature throughout our portfolio. Not only do we integrate this but our commitment to continual crafting better can be seen by our products winning their category across all beverages we make.”

This drive for consistently market leading quality has been captured in “Native Grain Whiskey” project. The first release has already taken out a World Whiskey Award for Australia’s Best Grain Whiskey.

With each batch the distillery is committed to continually improving the quality of what they make. Through sourcing and integrating native Australian produce, Adelaide Hills Distillery work to create products that have a strong sense of place and minimal impact on the environment.

Now we implore you to try a true Australian Whiskey. Not only for its recognised quality, but because it champions our country, not just for the present but also the past.

This product is handcrafted and bottled in The Adelaide Hills.

700mL | 46.2% Alc/Vol | Limited to 141 Bottles

Wattleseed | Dark chocolate, roasted nuts and dried fruits
Barley Malt | Caramel, toasted cereal and hints of citrus
French Oak | Spicy ginger tones
Ex-Cabernet Franc Barrels | Bright red fruit characters

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