Our Story.

In 2014 Adelaide Hills Distillery was founded by Sacha La Forgia, a local wine maker who travelled the world for over 6 years working wine vintages and exploring the world of distilling. On his travels throughout Italy he met his mentor, 'The Italian', who encouraged him to return to Australia and start his own distillery.

Hand crafting a copper still from the ground up, Sacha is passionate about crafting spirits using Australian produce and values quality above all else.

In 2015 Sacha launched his first product, 78˚ Gin, a London Dry style gin sourced using many native Australian ingredients, some from our own backyard in The Adelaide Hills, quickly earning him a reputation for producing exceptional small batch spirits.


“I saw the briefest window for creating a small batch gin here in Adelaide,” says Sacha, “So I had to move fast.”


After a successful first year, in 2016 Adelaide Hills Distillery teamed up with Steve Dorman and Toby Kline of The Hills Cider Company . Backed by an independent like minded local company, The Adelaide Hills Distillery range continues to grow, driven by quality, Australian ingredients, and always with an Australian twist.

Already 2016 has seen the release of two new hand crafted spirits in The Adelaide Hills Distillery range to accompany the 78˚ Gin. The Gunnery Australian Spiced is a spiced white rum spirit that's not driven by vanilla and sweetness, eschewing artificial flavours and aromatics in favour of natural ingredients, and The Bitter Orange, an orange style aperitif reminiscent of the orange bitters of Italy, marrying traditional European bittering herbs with predominantly Australian Ingredients at its core.

2016 promises to be another big year for The Adelaide Hills Distillery with 78˚ Gin receiving a Gold Medal, The Bitter Orange receiving a Silver Medal and The Gunnery receiving a Bronze Medal at The 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.