Left of Centre Series - Navy Strength Gin

Our second ‘Left of Centre’ release is something that we wanted to toy with for many of moons (or seas) and we are super stoked to be able to release our first Navy Strength Gin with Gin Lane.

700mL | 58% Alc/Vol | Limited Run


The Adelaide Hills Distillery - Navy Strength Gin is packed with botanicals and not for the feint hearted. 

Tasting Notes

Displaying lifted citrus, lemon myrtle and piney juniper on the nose, this is a serious London Dry on steroids. We have infused this gin with Native Wattleseed that lends a nutty, chocolate and coffee like flavour while also smoothing out the elevated alcohol level on the palate.


We belive that experimentation is the spice of life. Without the ability to push the boundaries of what we know, drinking would be boring.

This series is dediated to those that break the mold and stand a bit left of centre.


The Navy Strength Gin was an exclusive gin with Gin Lane, while no longer available any more make sure you check them out.